TWSBI Vac700R fountain pen review

Hello guys!! Welcome to our pen talk! Today we’re going to discuss on TWSBI Vac700R. It’s a Taiwanese vacuumed filling pen with German made nib. Though all the nibs of TWSBI are made in Germany of course and it really sounds very amazing to me. So let’s not waste time, jump straight into our main topic.


Material- acrylic plastic

Length- 148mm (capped), 133mm (uncapped) & 175mm (posted)

Width- 10.2mm to 10.6mm section, 14.1mm barrel & 14.6mm cap

Weight- 31gms

Cap- plastic made, hold a transparent ball with the TWSBI logo underneath of it at top and a metal band emblems the TWSBI Vac700R on it at the edge

Clip- fully metal made with matt finishing with very good tight & stiffness

The whole body is transparent and you can see the all filling mechanism, ink inside of it. Only the refill knob is solid, also made of plastic. The pen is actually very big in size but still really gives a comfort feeling after holding it. The section starts with a metal band and then tipper up with full plastic phase. The whole section is straight and bit smoky. You can unscrew the section from barrel but be sure it must be empty first. You can clean the pen up very easily with warm water after dismantling the pen, and the dismantling process is also very easy.

Nib & Feeder:

  • The nib is very long & big
  • Stainless steel nib
  • Bit stiff
  • Feed is plastic made
  • Triangular shaped with thin fin
  • Sizes are EF, F, M, B & 1.1 stab or Bold nib

Ink & Filling system:

There is no specific ink dedicated for the Vac700R. You can use any ink in this pen. Just need to refill it. The refilling system is vacuumed filler. It’s the most advanced & high-tech refilling system till now. The filling mechanism is super qualitative. The rod inside the barrel is made of stainless steel and titanium or platinum coated.

It can hold a large ink. Normally a Vac700R can hold 2.1ml to 2.2ml ink. The pen can be refilled from any ink pot but then you will get only two third of the capacity. To get the maximum ink capacity you need to use TWSBI Vac20a ink bottle for refilling. Thus it’s up to you. I just share the info.

Price & Color:

First the Vac700R came out with three colors- Black, Blue & Orange. Then that color went off & the translucent version came out. Since then it’s the only version of this pen running in market. For the transparent look it can take ink’s color as its own. So any one can get a variety of color of this pen. The price is also affordable. Only 50$ to 100$ you have to spend for a Vac700R.

Writing Capability:

The pen actually writes well. It has steel nib & it bit stiff so obviously it can’t write like gold nibs. Yes, you can get a very little feedback & skips but it’s common for every steel nib. The ink flow is fair and wetness is quite decent. On the reverse angle it writes bit finer & dry. But still if you ignore these little issues then you can experience a long running workhorse of pen’s world. Thus the nib made in Germany but still you can’t get the actual size of western nib. Even you will not get the as usual Asian nib. The nibs are very middle of this two quality. So keep that in mind.

Pros and Cons:


  • Clear looks
  • Large ink capacity
  • Light weight
  • Long nib
  • Low price


  • Steel nib
  • Unconventional refill system


The TWSBI Vac700R is really a great pen to have. Though it faced some issues but still a real workhorse after some updates of this edition. Even you can get the Vac700R which is really the latest version of this pen. Very budgetary, useful and widely available. So, what are you waiting for, grab it!!

Let’s wrap up. See you in next episode. Bye bye!!

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