The legendary Lamy 2000 fountain pen review

Hello friends! Welcome to another review! Today we’re going to talk about Lamy 2000. One of the most iconic pens, designed & produced at mid 60s, and over the time period it is still widely famous pen in the fountain pen lovers.


Let’s check the specs first then we will know the other info-

Material- makrolon

Length- 139mm (capped), 124mm (uncapped) & 154mm (posted)

Weight- 26gms

Width- grip section 6.8mm to 11.5mm, barrel 13.2mm & cap 13.9mm

Cap- snap fit, flat top

Clip- spring loaded metal made

Shape- cigar shaped, flat edged

The makrolon is a composite material of black fiber glass & stainless steel. Whole body of this pen is made of this composite material except the section. The section is made of stainless steel. But the joint of this two section is so smooth & clear that you can see only the very thin line but can’t feel any differences. It’s the symbol of mastery finishing & production quality. The pen refill knob is at the end. You can’t find anything also there. But you can twist the knob to refill. You can’t feel any glitch or any flairs on body. The feel is so smoothie when you touch the pen. The section can be unscrewed, you can clean the pen by open it. It’s the only section that can be dismantled.

Nib & feeder:

  • It’s a 14k gold nib
  • Platinum plated so color is white
  • The feeder is very small & plastic
  • Nib & feeder are semi- hooded
  • A very small hole on the hood for refilling
  • The nib is plain & no branding there

Ink & refill system:

The pen is a piston filler pen. Probably this is the only piston filler pen from Lamy so far. It means you can’t convert this pen into eyedropper or cartridge converter. It has a very decent ink capacity. You can use any kind of ink & color in this pen that suits it. But be careful to switch the color. You have to clean the pen with warm water before changing ink color.


The pen is not very cheap. You have to spend nearly 160 to 200 USD for a Lamy 2000. Sometimes you can buy it more cheap in grey market but of course you will loose the warranty as well.

Writing experience:

The pen is very smooth at writing. The nib is gold made & platinum coated. Very soft & well finished. It’s a western nib, so you will find actual size in writing. Obviously you will not get a lot of line variation because of this semi-hooded nib, but still you will get decent variations. Even you can put a bit pressure on it too. No scratchiness, no skips. But it has some angle issue. You have to use the nib straightaway. Even you can use it vertically but can’t use its side angle. It will skips the line. In reverse it writes fine but gives also some feedback. So better write with straight nib & get the experience of most smooth writing.

Pros & cons:


  • Gold nib
  • Light weight
  • Good shaped
  • Smooth feeling


  • Price
  • Angle issue


Lamy 2000 is not just a pen, it’s the piece of superior quality with a cutting edge technology. So if you can afford you are highly recommended to get this masterpiece. It’s a really with pen to have.

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