Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen review

Hey folks!! Welcome back! Today we’re going to talk about again a Pilot product, the Vanishing Point. Vanishing point is a cap less, retractable pen; first came out in 1964 with the unique design and till now it remains one of the most successful fountain pens in this world.


Let’s check the specs first-

Length- 138mm with nib in & 141 mm with nib out

Width- 10.4mm to 12.9mm in the section, barrel 13mm

Weight- 32gms

The pen is neither very thick nor thin but quite very good in width. It has no cap that already we said. It has a clip just tipper down on the section. The whole body is divided into two parts with thread fit. It can be unscrewed and dismantled for cleaning. The inner section is made of metal. You can find two metal band in the thread edge of each parts. Also you can find the pen name & Pilot stamped on the joint section. This is the only branding of this pen. The click gear or plunger is set at the end & it is spring loaded obviously. The whole body mechanism is quite good.

Nib & feeder:

So once again let’s check the specs first-

  • 18k or AU 750 gold nib
  • Rhodium coated
  • Plastic feeder
  • Semi hooded
  • Thin nib
  • The gold quantity & nib size emblems on it
  • Nib can be interchangeable with other Vanishing Point
  • Nearly all size are available

The nib is incognito, we already said it’s a intractable pen. When you click the pen, the nib comes out from the behind of the open door and again it goes inside when you click off the pen. You will find a safety door just in front of the nib so that the nib can’t get dried. And the whole mechanism is so smooth that I must say it’s a fine piece of engineering.

Ink & refill system:

Vanishing Point is cartridge converter refill pen. You can use any kind of proper pilot converter for it. It suits all. It’s the only refill system available for this pen.

Material, Color & Price:

There is no fixed material for this pen. Over the period it is produced with a lot of variety of material. You can find metal, gun metal, maple wood, resin and so on. A lot of colors are also available for this pen. So no need to think much of it. The price also fluctuates for this pen because of its material and edition. So there is no actual or fixed price but you can get most of the edition in between 150$ to 230$. But in Bangladesh you can find it only 6000 BDT. You can take it from BD Pens. Very trusted online fountain pen seller in Bangladesh. Various colors are also available. I give the links bellow.

Pilot Capless aka Vanishing Point Fountain Pen – Black/Gold

Pilot Capless aka Vanishing Point Fountain Pen – Black/Silver

Pilot Capless aka Vanishing Point Fountain Pen – Red/Silver

Pilot Capless aka Vanishing Point Fountain Pen – Blue/Silver

Pilot Capless aka Vanishing Point Fountain Pen – Dark Grey/Silver

Pilot Capless aka Vanishing Point Fountain Pen – Silver

Pilot Capless aka Vanishing Point Fountain Pen – Red/Gold

Pilot Capless aka Vanishing Point Fountain Pen – Blue/Gold

If you purchage from BD Pens, You will get a 30ml Diamine ink for free.

Writing Experience:

Now let’s come to the main point. The pen actually writes fantastic. Its so smooth like as butter. It actually floats on paper. Probably the nib is the best nib so far for any Pilot pen. No skips, no feedback. The wetness is also just perfect. The reverse angle gives you fine line and bit dry, but really very smooth also. So in writing the pen is really great.

Now let me make you clear that this pen is not made for line variations. Why? Let me say. If you check the nib carefully you can see the nib is quite different from other nibs. You can see the nib is very thin and it has no wide wings like all other nibs. So you can’t actually put pressure on it but still it will give you a small variations and that are really enough for anyone. But even after if you put pressure, the nib can be damaged & split away. So better keep this in mind. The nibs are all in actual size means you will find no differences between the Japanese nib and western nib.

Pros & Cons:


  • Cool looks
  • Variety of colors
  • Smooth nib for writings
  • Incognito design


  • Low line variations
  • Price
  • Short ink capacity


So let’s wrap it up! The Vanishing point is a very unique and camouflaged pen but has a super writing capability. Certainly, from a beginner to pro, anyone can use it and it’s already been being used by a lot of people. So the pen is highly recommended if you can afford.

Okay. Good bye. See you in next episode!

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