Pelikan Souveran M800 fountain pen review

Hey there!! Welcome to another Pelikan review! This time we will talk about their most widely spread product, the Souveran M800.

The Souveran M800 is a large pen, designed like other Souveran series, but still this pen is highly famous in fountain pen lovers.


The regular model is made of celluloid acetate or resin. It has a translucent body. Some special edition has other material. The top of the cap has the Pelikan logo. It is a traditional Pelikan shaped. It has two band at the end, emblems Pelikan, Souveran, Germany on the thicker one. One ring in the grip section just on the flair. Two more rings on the piston knob. The clip is traditional Pelikan shaped with perfect spring & tightness. All the ornaments are 24k gold plated. The whole design is like M600 or M400, just bigger in size. Other specs-

Length- 141mm (capped), 164mm (posted) & 127mm (uncapped)

Width- 10.8mm grip section, 15mm max in barrel

Weight- 29-32gm

Nib & Feeder:

  • 18k gold nib
  • Two-tone gold & silver
  • The gold quantity & the Pelikan logo stamped on it
  • Plastic feed with thin fin
  • Swappable nib option
  • Available size- EF, F, M, B, BB, OBB

Ink & Feeling process:

It is an undoubtedly piston filling pen. So no converter or any other option. You can use any ink in this pen. No barrier also there. The pen barrel can hold up to 2ml ink. So it’s a very large ink capacity for anyone.

Color & Price:

The pen is pretty much expensive. The regular version costs 600-700$. In UK it costs nearly 300-400£. But you can get some discount on it. So may it costs around 250-300£. In eBay you may find it more cost-effective. You can find a M800 in 400-450$ there. So you must surf for the price. Special edition costs more and depends on material. The pen has a very wide range of color and designs. So you may not feel annoying to choose in them.

Writing Capacity:

The pen writes very well. Though the pen has gold nib, you will not get a lot of line variations from it as you expect. But it can give a decent amount of variations if you push hard the nib. No scratchiness, no skips there. But the EF and F nib can give you some feedback. The ink flow is just perfect according to every nib size. Wetness is great. In reverse writing, it can write also very smoothly. So that’s also a very good side of this pen.

Pros & Cons:


  • Large size pen
  • Gold nib
  • Interchangeable with other pen
  • Large ink capacity


  • High price


The Souveran M800 is a great pen. It’s a masterpiece to have. The price is obviously a concern but still if you can afford then no issue there.

So let’s wrap up. See you in next!

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