Pelikan Souveran M600 fountain pen review

Hey folks!! Welcome again! Today we’re gonna talk about the Pelikan Souveran M600. Let’s jump into the topic directly!


The main body & cap is made of acrylic. It’s translucent so that you can see the ink level. The grip section and piston knob are made of resin as usual. The top of the cap is a traditional pagoda-shaped and the Pelikan frost logo on it. Then the metal gold-trimmed clip there. The clip is as usual pelican bill shaped. At the end of the cap two gold-trimmed bands there, one is thinner. The thicker one emblems the Pelikan Germany Souveran on it. The pen is a little bigger than its predecessor M400 but design all same.

The grip section has a thin band, gold-trimmed off course. The piston knob also has another two bands as same. Now let’s check the specs here-

Length- 132mm (capped), 124mm (uncapped) & 155mm (posted)

Width- grip 10.2mm, barrel max 14.1mm

Weight- 18-20gm

Nib & Feeder:

  • 14k gold nib
  • Bicolor nib- gold & silver
  • Nib quality & Pelikan logo stamped on it
  • A plastic feeder with a lot of thin fins
  • The nib is a little bit big in shape
  • Sizes are EF, F, M, B, BB, OB available

Ink Refilling system:

It’s a piston filler pen without any doubt. All the Pelikan pens are piston filler systems adopted so it is. You can’t convert it to eyedropper or use any other cartridges. So be sure of that. The barrel can hold up 1.6-1.7ml ink. So definitely it has a large ink capacity. It’s really awesome.

Color and Price:

It has numerous colors and designs with some special editions. So one can easily find a variety of colors for M600. Prices depend on its edition and sometimes its nib. You can get an M600 in the 400-550$ range from various retailers. In amazon and eBay, you may get it by 300-350$. But stock and color bit short there. So better surf for the price before buying.

Writing Capabilities:

Without any doubt, the pen writes superbly. You can get a lot of line variations from respectful nibs. The wetness is great, ink flow is fantastic. In reverse, it writes also great, sometimes better from some original fine nibs! But maybe some particular nib can skip or give some feedbacks because of over-polishing & finishing. So please keep that in mind. Otherwise, everything is fine!

Pros and Cons:


  • Good size
  • Lightweight
  • Great ink capacity
  • Gold nib


  • Price


Pelikan M600 Souveran is a great choice to have. You can use it as your daily workhorse. The only concern is the price. But if one can afford then no hesitation.

Let’s wrap it up. See you in next!


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