Pelikan M400 fountain pen review

Hey friends! Welcome back! Today we’ll check another Pelikan pen, the Pelikan M400.

Pelikan M400 is from the “Souveran” line with two tone gold nib but basically it’s an upgrade version of “Classic M200”. Okay, let’s not waste time, start the review.


The pen body is made of celluloid acetate. It has a translucent look so that the ink level can be seen. Apart from the main barrel section, rest of the body parts, means grip section & piston knob is made of resin. The cap is also made of resin. The ornaments of this pen, I mean the bands on the cap, grip section & piston knob are brass made with 24k gold trimmed.

The clip on the cap is also gold trimmed brass metal. The clip is the traditional Pelican bill shaped. The cap is thread fit, pagoda shaped. The top of the cap is frost looked with the Pelican logo stamped on. The cap has two bands at the end, emblems the Pelikan Germany Souveran on it. There is a band on the edge of the section, just on the flairs. The knob has another two thin bands on it.

Now let’s check the specs here-

Length- 125mm (capped), 121mm (uncapped) & 150mm (posted)

Width- section 9.6mm & the barrel up to 13.3mm

Weight- 13-14gm

In size & looks, it’s totally a copy of the older M200 Classic model. Like a twin sister with better ornaments!

Nib & feeder:

  • 14k/ AU 585 gold nib
  • Bi colored; gold-rhodium plated
  • Sizes are EF, F, M, B, BB, OB available
  • Plastic feed with fin
  • Interchangeable nib

Ink refilling process:

The M400 is a piston filler pen as usual like all other Pelikan brands. So you can’t convert it into eyedropper or some other refilling process. You can use any kind of ink in it. You just need to get suited it with the ink. The barrel can hold nearly 1.3ml to 1.4ml ink. It’s really pretty good capacity.

Color & Price:

You can find this M400 with a good range of color & design. You can find some special edition too. The price depends on these editions & also on the retailers. In Europe the M400 will be 200€ to 300€ for a regular edition. In UK it will be 210£ to 280£. In USA you have to pay 400$ to 500$. But if you are lucky enough you can get a good offer of discount or VAT deduction. So then the price will be less for you. Special edition’s price is much higher than the regular one’s. So better surf before getting a pen for a affordable price.

Writing Capability:

The pen writes too good. No complains on that. It has a soft & nearly semi flex gold nib. It writes smoothly like butter. It can give you some line variations without any efforts. If you put pressure it can give more variations. The ink flow is superb, wetness is like pure juicy. Even on reverse writing it floats on paper clearly. No feedback, no skips. You can use any nib, it will give you the most pleasure of writings.

Pros & Cons:


  • Good shape
  • Light weight
  • Gold nib
  • Large ink capacity


  • Price


The Souveran M400 is a small but capable workhorse of daily writing. So if you can afford to get it & desiring this pen, go for it. You’ll not regret!

So let’s wrap it up. See you in next!

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