Pelikan M200 fountain pen review

Hi there!! Welcome back in our pen review! This time we’re going to discuss about the famous & one of the most desired fountain pens, the Pelikan M200. As we all know that the Pelikan is a German fountain pen and the M200 is from their ‘Elegance’ line. The model number of Pelikan express its metal color, like even number means gold color metal, odd number means silver color metal. So let’s not waste time anymore, start the show!


Let’s check the specs first-

Material- resin

Length- 125mm (capped), 121mm (uncapped) and 148mm (posted)

Width- 9.6mm grip section, barrel 13.3mm

Weight- 13-14gm

Cap- thread fit, pagoda shaped & Pelikan logo on the top. A gold trimmed metal band at the end emblems Pelikan, Germany on it

Clip- gold trimmed metal traditional Pelikan clip with the eyes & the pelican bill designed on it

All the M200 editions are made of resin but color is different. It’s classy looked. The section has flairs out at the edge. Just after the section there is a ink window and it’s common on every Pelikan pen. Then the main body or barrel part start. This part of body mainly designed with many color and texture. There is piston knob at the top & it’s divided from body by a gold trimmed metal band.

Nib & feeder:

  • Gold plated stainless steel nib
  • Bit flex unlike any other steel nib
  • Feeder is plastic & has a lot of thin fin
  • The Pelican logo is stamped on it with the nib size
  • Nib can be dismantled & interchangeable
  • Even it can support M400 nib
  • Sizes are available EF, F, M & B

Ink refilling system:

The refilling process is piston filler. All the Pelikan pens are same filling system. You can’t use any converter or eyedropper in thus pen. It’s fixed. The barrel can hold nearly 1.2ml ink. So you can say it’s a very decent ink holder.

Price & color:

The pen has some special color & edition. You can find Classic Black, Smoky Quartz, Green Marbled, Blue Marbled, Brown Marbled, Gold Marbled, Green Stripped, Blue Stripped etc. as color and design. The nib option is also pretty much wide. So no problem to get a liked one. The price will be 140$ to 210$ for each M200. But if you are lucky enough you can get this pen with some discount also.

Writing Efficiency:

Writing with M200 is really an awesome experience. We already have known that it is a steel nib pen. But still it writes very smooth. Not like a buttery flow but no scratch there. Yes it gives a bit feedback but that’s OK, after all steel nib. No skips in writing. Ink flow is very juicy and the wetness is great. Fine nib can get a dry side but Medium & Broad nib are just fantastic. Most important section the nib act like a flex nib. You don’t need to put pressure a lot to get line variations. You will get some variations easily with a very soft pressure. On reverse angle it gets dry & gives a lot feedback so try to avoid it. Overall it’s a really nice pen to write.

Pros & cons:


  • Light weight
  • Decent size
  • Interchangeable nibs
  • Various color
  • Decent ink capacity


  • Steel nib
  • Price is matter


The Pelikan M200 is very good pen to have. Now question is why we should spend 140$ or more than that to get a steel nib pen. Okay, with this model you can get the Pelikan brand, a piston filler, an interchangeable nib moreover you can use the upgraded gold nib of M400 in this pen. So with all this features I think it’s a pretty good pen to invest. So if you are interested go & grab your M200.

See you in next. Bye bye!

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