Lamy Studio fountain pen review

Hey guys!! Welcome back to the pen talk. Today we’re gonna talk about a very prominent fountain pen from Lamy, and the pen is Lamy Studio. It’s a very traditional looking but one of the most modern pens. So let’s start.


Lamy Studio has a metal body. It has a wide range of colors. The section is made of metal almost all the Studio version with a shiny chrome finished. But you can also find some plastic sections like the Brushed Steel model. The top of the cap and the end is flat and also metal finished. The cap is snap-fit and has a clip which is looked kinda twisted like propellers. The Lamy logo is stamped on the cap just beside the clip. There is a metal ring at the section too.

The whole body is matt finished. Only Piano Black is exceptional. That has a shiny look. The inner body is made of plastic. Especially the joint thread of section and barrel. Very simple design but looks elegant. Let’s check the specs here-

Length- 140mm (capped), 129mm (uncapped) and 156mm (posted)

Width- 9.7-11.7mm section and max 12.2mm barrel

Weight- 27-34gm

Nib & feed

  • Two type nib is available- Steel n 14k Gold
  • The steel nib is silver or black in color
  • The gold nib is two-tone
  • EF, F, M n B size are available
  • The feed is plastic and pure Lamy designed
  • Nib same as Lamy Safari or Al-Star
  • Nibs are interchangeable
  • The Lamy logo on Nib size embossed on the nib
  • Gold nibs are engrossed with the gold quantity too

Ink n Refill System

Lamy Studio is a cartridge converter pen. You can’t convert it with eyedropper. And also it’s only fitted with Lamy standard cartridge and converter. The ink capacity is decent, actually very good. It can hold up 1.08-1.56ml ink.


The Studio is a mid-range pen from Lamy. In USA it costs 80-190$ per piece. In Europe the cost will be 55-170€. The price depends on the edition and nib quality. But you can get a discount on this price so better surf very widely before buying the Studio.

Writing Capability

The Studio can give you different feel in writing. As you already know that it has two types of the nib. The steel nib is smooth and writes very well. It can give also bit amount of line variations. The ink flow is very good and the wetness is great. The EF nib definitely gives some feedback but not scratchy yet. The rest are quite good. No scratchiness, no skips. Reverse writing is also well but of course run dry fast.

The gold nib has no scratchiness, no feedback. It writes much smoother than the steel nib. Nice wetness, juicy ink flow. It can give a good amount of line variations. Though not as much as you expect but better than the steel one. You can get all things that you want from a gold nib.

But there is a little issue with the gold EF nib. The gold EF writes finer than the Steel EF. I don’t know what’s the matter as both are from the same manufacturer. But this issue itching me bit. Otherwise all good.

Pros n Cons


  • Decent shape
  • Lightweight
  • Smart looks
  • Great ink capacity
  • Affordable budget


  • Slippery section


Lamy Studio is a very smart looking well-crafted pen. Just put aside the little issues, one can get a very nice pen at a decent price. So why waiting? It’s a pen for both noobs and professionals. If you are thinking to get a Lamy, without wasting time just get a Studio. You will not regret it.

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