Kaweco Brass Sport- A true pocket fountain pen review

Hey guys!! Welcome to another pen review and this time our topic is Kaweco Brass Sport. Kaweco is a German company producing fountain pen for a long time. The Sport genre is their mini pen and has a lot of variants such as plastic, aluminum, brass, steel, etc. Basically these all are for body material. So Sport Brass is the brass variant of that pen. So let’s start.


Sport Brass is made of solid brass. It’s a heavy or weighty pen. The pen is quite monometallic. There is no other metal or material in the body section. The cap is octagonal and has a steel Kaweco logo on the top. No clip attached, but if anyone wants he can attach a clip in the pen which is available in the shop. There is no chance to roll out the pen because of its octagonal shape. The “Kaweco Brass Fountain pen Germany” embossed on the cap.

The pen is a pocket-size pen so it’s very small. You have to use it as posted. The cap is thread fit but easily posted in the reverse and gives a nice length to hold up and writing. The section is small but enough space there to hold. The section can be unscrewed to refill the ink and clean it as well.

Specs here-

Length- 109mm (capped), 101mm (uncapped) and 127mm (posted)

Width- section is 9.5mm and barrel max 13.9mm

Weight- 34-42gm

Nib & Feed

  • Stainless steel nib
  • Logo n Nib size engraved on the nib
  • Sizes are- EF to BB
  • Plastic Feed
  • The logo embossed on the feed too
  • Nibs are interchangeable

Ink & Refill system

The Sport is a cartridge refilled pen. The Brass variant is also the same. It also uses the short cartridges in it. It can also use the cartridge converter but only the Squeeze converter can be used in it because of its short size. But then it must sacrifice the ink quantity. So I suggest using the cartridges only so that the user can get more ink and it’s very easy to use and available also.


The Brass variant of Kaweco Sport is a bit costlier than other variants. In the USA it costs 80$ and in Europe, it costs nearly 70€. So we can say it is a mid-ranged pen. And also if you want a clip for this pen you have to spend another 5/6$ to get that. The color is fixed, raw brass.

Writing Efficiency

The Sport Brass writes quite smoothly. Though it has the steel nib but still it writes quite well. There is no scratchiness. The ink flow is very well standard but not so wet. I mean its wetness is quite good to write smoothly but get dry quickly. That’s why you can’t write in reverse angle a lot. Better avoid that angle. You will not get a lot of line variations, but putting pressure it can give a little of that. EF or F nib gives a bit of feedback & that’s good. One thing also interesting here with the EF or F nib, these two size nib writes bit narrower than other European EF or F nib. Of course not like Japanese or Chinese EF n F but still it’s quite thinner than Montblanc or Pelikan. You might enjoy the size here.

But over polishing nib especially BB nib can skips. So you must take it into your concern before buying BB. Otherwise, the Sport Brass is a nice workhorse.

Pros n Cons


  • Nice look
  • Brass metal
  • Strong body
  • Smooth nib
  • Well shape


  • Separate clip
  • Over polishing issues concern


So let’s wrap it up! Kaweco Sport undoubtedly is a very good pen at an affordable cost. The Brass variant is a bit costlier but if you look at the performance then you might ignore that cost issue. It’s a great pen for anyone for any condition. I think if anyone wanna try it better don’t miss the opportunity to get that beauty.

Thanks for your time. See you in next!

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